The words of Joseph Lubin, Co-Founder of Ethereum, elegantly encapsulate the current state of blockchain

Many people think that market cap is an indication of a platform’s success, but people who think that are sorely mistaken.

In my last article, I criticized so-called crypto experts for using market cap numbers as an indication of how well a coin is doing. A coin may do well in the stock market but that is no indication of how well the platform is doing. Market graphs only show how much people are willing to pay. Many times, the people who are investing are…

It’s surprising how many people think the time to invest in crypto has passed. Are you kidding?? Things are just beginning.

Crypto is a currency exchange asset which is meant to serve the global market. But in terms of global penetration and capacity, crypto is still in diapers. In its current stage, crypto is too small to handle the world’s money markets so there’s a huge potential for growth. Below is a visual to help explain what I mean.

In the chart, each square represents $100 Billion. Look at the number of squares that represent the entire crypto market. …

The slogan “It’s the economy, stupid” went viral when the Clinton Administration used it to make the point that it was obvious that the economy is the driving factor behind America’s success or failure.

Today, we seem to be dealing with the same blindness when it comes to understanding the driving factor behind crypto’s success or failure.

It’s Not Just the Market

In my previous article (“Blockchain Is More Than A Market, It’s A Movement”) I go into depth about market values not being an indication of a coin’s success.

When I wrote that article, I thought market watchers were the only ones who were…

I was prompted to write this article after seeing several of my friends fall for hype from the so-called “crypto experts.” I saw my friends sharing articles with bold headlines saying that a coin is dominating the market therefore it could potentially be the winning coin. They presented graphs showing the coin going up in value. I thought it was strange that they were sharing all this information about the coin’s market value but they weren’t sharing anything about the coin’s backbone. So I did a little digging. What I found was that the coin isn’t even a coin, it’s…

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When we transition to digital currencies and blockchain applications we will need to collectively grow up.

In western culture, we are accustomed to depending on external organizations to take care of our assets. Banks take care of our money, trusts take care of our properties, stock brokers take care of our investments. If we have an issue with any of these areas, there is a backup system in place. These external organizations are responsible for backing up our information because essentially we don’t own the data, they do.

The irony is that there is a sense of freedom that comes…

I recently spoke at a Blockchain and CryptoCurrency event in Vietnam. I was there to speak about blockchain but I knew that most people were there to hear about cryptocurrency.

The audience was interested in learning about cryptocurrency because of the large gains Bitcoin has had in recent years. In 2017 Bitcoin grew 2,000%. It’s no wonder they were interested!

I told them, however, that the value increases they are seeing in cryptocurrencies are minuscule compared to the value increases they will see with blockchain-based applications.

Cryptocurrency is just one application of blockchain. There are thousands more coming and eventually…


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